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Juliana Barnet is a cultural organizer, artist, musician, anthropologist, writer, popular educator, Spanish language translator and interpreter. Many of the situations in Rainwood House Sings are drawn from her own experiences and those of activists close to her. She decided to write Rainwood House Sings, the first of the Rainwood House series, because she is an avid reader of fiction and wishes there were more novels starring characters like the amazing, inspiring, adventuresome, funny, compassionate social justice activists she knows. Juliana lives in Maryland with Brian Higgins, co-author-illustrator-daughter Sophie, and Melau the dog.


Sophie Barnet-Higgins has always loved writing stories, doing theater, and, especially, drawing, which, as with “Samantha,” sometimes gets her into trouble at school. But, undaunted, she continues to develop her talent for drawing in sketchbooks and on the computer. In the brief intervals when she is not drawing, she immerses herself in manga and anime, plays the piano, cooks, does art with little kids, reads and sings. She is fluent in Spanish and is studying Japanese. She contributed drawings, ideas and opinions (lots of them!) to the creation of Rainwood House Sings, and will undoubtedly also do so for the next book, Rainwood House Burns.

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